Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

     Things seem to be slow moving so far in part due to the cold and snow.  It has been so beautiful but a little break from it has also been appreciated.  While snow makes it hard to pick up trash from the river there are other things we could do like shoveling our neighbors drives, opening our homes up to people that have lost power or baking bread and passing it along not to mention lending a hand or donations to shelters. 
     My dad brought me this amazingly helpful book How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles.  There are so many great ideas I'm very excited to try and get the word out about starting with the chapter on using your talents and inspired by this cold weather.  I sincerely hope all of my friends and their loved ones have stayed warm and well fed through the winter months at the same time I know that hasn't happened for many.  So starting this coming week every Wednesday night at my house I would like to host a potluck and craft night starting as soon as you get off work 5:00. There are many amazing organizations collecting handmade hats, scarves, gloves/mittens and blankets serving babies, homeless, wounded vets and elderly.  Collecting infant hats. Helping a newborn stay warm can save their life.   Distributes hats for new york cities homeless population  Provides knitted items in war-torn afghanistan or  Comfortable hats for chemotherapy patients  Helmet liners for marines  Handmade blankets for Katrina victims STILL living in FEMA trailers  Security blankets for kids  Handmade blankets, quilts and sleepers for premature and newborn babies in crisis

     It may be a little late to get items out this winter season but the need is always on going so we can be too. This is a great project for people who would love to volunteer their time and talents without having to arrange a baby sitter. If you don't live close by but would still like some company while you knit, crochet or sew organize a few of your friends (maybe we can even skype each other during gatherings). Or you could pass along some patterns or fabric/yarn you aren't using.  Don't really knit, crochet or sew... me neither, not much, but I'm about to learn with a little help from my friends.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or information on more organizations dedicated to warming people and hearts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Here we go!

I spent the last day of the old year cleaning out my house, my closet.... shedding. I by far have not gone through everything but ended up with over 5 big bags/boxes of stuff to donate. While I don't consider this part of community service or a gesture worthy of calling a gift it felt good to detach from these items imagining someone else noting it as a good find. It is a wonderful perk that someone spending a couple of bucks for something liberated from my closet will also help fund programs to help someone else find a better job And now I feel a little more ready for a new year.

I have notified a couple of organizations about wanting to volunteer. Until all of the logistics get worked out and I get on schedule I'd like to apply cleaning up for the new year to the town as well as my house. When I first moved to Asheville, NC one of the first things I noticed was how dirty the riverbanks STILL were after the flood. That was several years ago but that is where I think I'll start. I welcome everyone reading to do the same whether in Asheville or in your town, whether it's the river or your closet, let's clean up.